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At AnyWare E-Commerce, customer service is our number one priority and, above all, we want you to be satisfied. With that, we must abide by certain rules and regulations dictated by the different importers and software vendors we work with, so please carefully read through the following regulations.


Products appearing on the website:

AnyWare E-Commerce's website is an internet-based - electronic catalog website for various software applications, maintained and managed by “AnyWare E-Commerce.”

The site contains a large selection, of over 300 international software brands of software products: operating systems, office applications, training tutorials, targeted software applications, graphics software, anti-virus software, security software and more.

Some of the above products are not held in stock, and most of them are delivered to end customers only when ordered, and via electronic downloads. Product images on the site are for illustration purposes only.

For obvious reasons, it is sometimes the case that links to software vendor websites and / or other information are incorrect or not up-to-date. Consequently, the determining factors are solely the name of the product and the vendor’s SKU number, provided that you consulted with our ordering representative prior to placing your order.



In no case, do we provide warranties for damages and errors caused to third party on the basis of wrong data received from the site without prior consultation.


If, for any reason, you received, by mistake, a product that is different from a product that you ordered, you may return it within 14 days of receiving it - shipping is at the buyer's expense (in the case of physical products). For products delivered by electronic download, you may notify us of cancellation on the same day of product receipt, alone.

Our address, for letters and products, is: Gush Etzion 13, POB 374, Givat Shmuel, 5403013

We apologize in advance for any errors that may occur.  Kindly forgive us.


Purchase Orders

Credit Card - We accept all credit-cards including Diners and American Express. Payments by credit-card are subject to the terms of the various credit-card companies.

Payment Installments – Credit-card payments will be in a single installment. You may provide your credit-card details by phone to a service representative.

Credit-card details are not stored, such that you will be required to provide card details for each order.

Cash checks - Checks will be made out to AnyWare E-Commerce Ltd. In cases of payment by check, products will be sent to customers only after five business days, from the moment the check is received at our offices. If the type of a payment is in the form of a check, payment will be in a single payment for immediate disbursement.

Bank transfers - Products will be sent within 7 business days from the date payment is recorded in our bank account, subject to the date of its arrival to us. Please contact us for account details.

The product will be provided only if the payment has been received in full.

The site is secured by SSL technology and meets all the standards required by the PCI standard.

Check Cash - The check will be registered in the name of Eniver E Commerce Ltd. In the case of payment by check, the product will be sent to the customer only after five business days, from the moment the check is received at our office, if the type of payment is in check, payment will be in one payment for immediate payment.

Bank transfer - the product will be sent within 7 business days from the date of receipt of the payment in our bank, subject to the date of the product’s arrival at our offices. For our bank account details, please contact us.

Products will be supplied to customers only once payment has been received in full.

The site is secured by SSL technology and meets all of the requirements of the PCI standard.


Delivery times:

The price for delivery by courier to client homes / places of business is 65 NIS and is subject to the delivery areas serviced by our external courier service.

Shipping prices are per order, and are not tied to the number of items ordered.

When ordering delivery to a customer's home, products are delivered by an external courier company or by the Israel Postal Company, in accordance with their stated service times.

Product delivery times are 5-14 business days (not including Saturdays and holidays) depending on the specific product and when the product becomes available in the importer’s stock.


If an order is urgent - please indicate this in your order. We will do our best to expedite delivery and will keep you informed regarding the progress of your order.

AnyWare E-Commerce does not guarantee delivery times when products are not available in stock in Israel.

In cases when a product is out-of-stock, you will be offered an alternative product. If you are not interested in the alternate product, you may cancel your order without any obligation.

We hereby emphasize that AnyWare E-Commerce will not give any monetary or other compensation for delays or delivery time errors!

Upon advance request, customer's may receive an e-mail, on the day the product is sent out, with a tracking number for their package.

Self-collection – You may collect products from our offices by prior arrangement. If a customer wishes to collect their product themselves, they will not be charged for shipping.


Service and Warranty:

Warranties are the responsibility of the importer or vendor.

AnyWare E-Commerce serves solely as a point-of-sale.

Warranty terms and prices are subject to the terms and conditions of the importer / distributor in Israel.

In no event shall we be liable for any consequential or circumstantial damages, connected directly or indirectly to the product purchased.

Warranties are valid from the date of sale.

Physical harm, physical damage or breakage invalidate warranties.

The Company's responsibility is to the customer whose name appears on the invoice and warranties cannot be transferred third parties.

Delivery of defective products and their return to a given customer will be carried out at the customer’s, and their sole responsibility.

Israeli law alone is applicable to orders placed on the site.


Order Cancellations and Product Returns:

Product may be returned within 14 days of the date of purchase, with everything supplied in the original kit and in its original packaging, save for cases of open licenses or annual subscriptions, subject to the policies of the various vendors.

Refunds will be paid in accordance with list prices on the day products are returned, and will not be greater than the sum actually paid for any given product(s).

Refunds shall be made after deducting shipping fees and the lesser than 10% of the value of the product(s) or 100 NIS, as instructed in the Consumer Protection Law. If the purchase was made using a credit-card, any commissions collected or to be collected, will also be deducted from the refund amount.

You may not return or replace products that can be recorded, copied or duplicated, whose original packaging has been opened, unless they are found to be defective.

Products specially-made for a consumer may not be returned or replaced owing to transactional issues.

Buyers must notify the seller of the defect / mismatch immediately after inspecting the specific product or immediately after the defect has been detected.

In the event of a delay by the buyer, this may detract from their right to cancel the transaction and return the product.


Software, media, licenses, and OEM products may not be returned and / or replaced unless they are determined to be defective.

Importers / vendors alone may determine the condition of a product (in good repair or damaged).

Product returns after 14 days or products whose packaging has been opened or damaged shall be credited based on their relative value and at the sole discretion of Anyware E-Commerce.


Customer Service and Contacting AnyWare E-Commerce:

We try to provide adequate care to all of our customers and be attentive to their needs.

You may receive answers to your questions, resolution for your problems, and even technical advice, as part of our services.

The recommended and quickest way to obtain a response from our team is via e-mail.

You may also contact us by phone at 03-5327320

For questions regarding purchasing products, customer service or for technical questions: sales@anyware.co.il

Telephone for inquiries: 03-5327320


Ordering options:

Orders can be made by phone, e-mail, or fax.

Customer service center working hours are from 8:30 am to 18:00 on Sundays to Thursdays.


It is often the case that we are busy answering phone calls, so lines may be busy.

Please leave a message or send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We apologize in advance.

We hope that you will be satisfied with the service and handling of your order. We are available to assist you at any time.

The Anyware E-Commerce Team



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