Professional Support


Direct contact with software developers

Thanks to special agreements we have with the software makers, companies that buy licenses from us enjoy technical support and a level of service than bests what they would have received had they bought their products directly from the vendor.


We offer direct contact with vendors through special channels. This shortens wait times and ensures problems are resolved in the quickest fashion possible, by teams of senior product experts.


Configuring software licenses to customer needs

We often encounter customers who aren’t quite sure which product best suits them, which is more economical, or less, or what are the available alternatives for a specific product. As part of our service, we provide our customers with advice, giving them broader knowledge of the features of competitive products, and of the costs associated with buying a certain product.


Assistance with installations and OFFLINE activation processes

Most software vendors use internet based activation methods for their products. This contrasts with the fact that most government and security customers are explicitly required to install software without being connected to the Internet.


To allow for simple and smooth installations, we provide our customers with installation disks that contain instructions for activating their software without needing an internet connection. We also support our customers in case of problems and make sure that the product has been installed successfully.


Original Licensing and License Registration

To ensure that licenses are originals and formally owned by our customers, all licenses are registered in the name of the final customer and are sent directly to the customer by the suppliers themselves with a copy to us. Adhering to this work principle allows us to:


•          Easily locate and restore existing licenses

•          Send the customer license renewal date reminders

•          Assist customers with license consolidation and placing orders upon license expiration


Customer Service

With over 15 years experience in marketing and selling software to businesses, we have the connections, knowledge and experience to answer your questions quickly, to provide quotes tailored to your specific requirements, and to ask the right questions to make sure that the products you request are the ones that best match your needs and that the price quote that we provide is accurate and correct.


In addition, we also maintain a database of questions and answers, based on queries and requests sent to us and our suppliers over many years, allowing us to reply to your questions with reliable, professional responses within very short timeframes, without delay, without having to account for time-zone differences, and without needing service agreements with suppliers.


Each customer inquiry is handled in accordance with our SLA (one business day for products in our catalog).


If you are not exactly sure what your needs are, or the product you are looking for does not fit your budget requirements, we will gladly provide you with recommendations for alternative products and solutions, allowing you to make the best decision for your organization.

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