Billing and Credit Card Payments

Purchasing and billing services, credit card payments, registration to courses, registration for conferences, books, gifts, corporate events, AMAZON, EBAY and more ...


These are additional services that we provide to our customers, that are not necessarily related to software.


As part of a business’s ongoing operations, companies are required to make a variety of purchases from different suppliers. For each such purchase, the ordering company must open their supplier record in their systems, provide the supplier with an invoice, and track payments, regardless of the cost of the transaction or if they continue to work with the supplier. This creates a situation in which the company needs to manage a large number of suppliers, unnecessarily overloading the company’s systems and employees.


In yet another facet of our service portfolio, AnyWare E-Commerce offers companies to manage their purchasing, meaning that you, our customer, will receive service from the supplier and we will take care of paying for it, and we will tie up all the accounting and operational “loose ends”. This means less suppliers, less invoices, less payments ... saving time, money and unnecessary effort.


Another service that we perform for our customers is credit card purchases. Many companies and organizations have purchasing policies that do not allow immediate, online credit-card product or service purchases, e.g. registration for a course or conference, magazines, books, AMAZON and EBAY purchases, etc.


We will place orders for you and ensure supply of services or products, relieving you of the need to deal with reimbursing employees for expenses. Your purchases will be aptly managed and controlled, saving you money on VAT payments.

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